Gopi Krishan garhwal

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Distinguish Ethical and Unethical SEO Practices

Search engine optimization in organic way is a little bit hard but interesting webmasters should understand the way that search engines like,simply mean search engine friendly design and practice with the web to getting higher rank and more simply the ethical or white hat seo practices and work with web sites,because search engines don't like the bad practices they counted those things as spamming and that spamming can be dangerous and harmful for website owners and for the business to which web is affecting.
When you will start to do seo you should keep somethings in mind that what can you do with the web and what can not do.      
So what exactly should and should not you do? There’s a list. Here is part of it.

You should do:

1. Create a web site that contains meta tags, content, graphics, and keywords that help improve your site
2. Use keywords liberally on your site, so long as they are used in the correct context of your site topic and
3.Include reciprocal links to your site from others as long as those links are legitimate and relevant.
4. Encourage web site traffic through many venues, including keyword advertising, reciprocal links, and
marketing campaigns.
5. Submit your web site to search engines manually, rather than waiting for them to pick up your site in the
 natural course of cataloging web sites.

You should not do:

1. Trick search engines by imbedding hidden keywords in your web site. This is a practice that will very likely
get you banned by most search engines.
2. Artificially generate links to your site from unrelated sites for the purpose of increasing your ranking based
on link analysis. Most search engines have a built-in mechanism that will detect this type of deceptive practice.
3. Artificially generate traffic to your web site so that it appears more popular than it is.Again,there are    safeguards in place to prevent this from happening, and if you trip those safeguards,you could end up on     the banned list for many search engines.
4. Force your web site to appear in search engine rankings by submitting the site repeatedly for inclusion in the rankings. A good general rule of thumb is that you should submit your site once and then wait at least six
weeks before submitting it again. Submitting it repeatedly will, again, only lead to something nasty like being
banned from the search engine.
5. Expect search engines to automatically rank you at the top of your topic, category, or keyword as soon as
the site is picked up. It could take a little time to build the “status” that you need to reach a high search engine ranking. Remember, SEO is a process.



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