Gopi Krishan garhwal

Friday, March 26, 2010

Optimize a Web Once For All Search Engine

One thing i have learn today from Brad callen and that is ........
Do not optimize for specific search engine rather optimize for all search engine.It means that try to understand the behavior of all major search engine and find out the criteria of higher ranking for all and then do optimization that will defiantly helps you to reduce time for optimization effort and will improve your goal setting power to.
Although different search engines have different behavior but the webmaster should understand what to do and how to do.The search engine optimization practice allows a webmaster to think for broad and the best practice consume less timing and gives better result of the effort.Most of the webmasters thinks that they should perform the optimization for a specific one and than try for other later but they forgot that different search engines gives different search result and traffic geographically,so why do put extra effort and why do we waste time and money too.
So stop optimizing specifically for each search engine and do the best SEO practice for all and that is "Best SEO Practice".