Gopi Krishan garhwal

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Google Search

Google search is very fast and too closer to relative keywords but how it works most of the user and web masters are unaware from it.I just do a try to describes how it works?When a user hit search tab for a specific keyword or keyword phrase than the query is simply pass to the web server and than web server pass this query to the nearest Index server and a index server contains the index content, it means index server describe the index of the page or content which matches the query,we can understand the role of index server by an example simply,A book have many page so to find a specific topic or page we need to see index at the back of book same as index server respond to the query and shows the index of that particular keyword or phrase and send this request to the doc server.
The query travel from index server to the Doc server which contains the snippets of the pages and retrieves the snippets of relevant page,the pages which contain the most relevant data are send to the users browser as a search result in a second of frictions.So the path of a query is looks like that.....

Query(Request)>>Web Server>>Index Server>>Doc Server>>(Response)User Browser.

is not only a search engine it is a technology itself. I am one of a fan of Google so i just want share this story with all other Google fans.

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